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‘Dime A Dozen,’ Overdose Crisis Rages In South Florida

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Delray Beach is at the epicenter of a South Florida overdose epidemic estimated to have claimed 1,000 lives last year. Medical examiners are still counting. Delray Beach Fire Rescue Chief Neal de Jesus brought in a stress management counselor to help his firefighters cope with the overdose deaths. “They’re seeing deaths at a rate… Read More »

UPDATE: Ex-PBSO deputy bonds out of jail on patient-brokering charges

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

WEST PALM BEACH — A former Palm Beach County sheriff’s deputy arrested Tuesday on patient-brokering charges has been released from the county jail. West Palm Beach police say Robert “Bobby” Simeone, 46, posted $45,000 bond late Tuesday, hours after his arrest. He is accused of paying two sober home owners hundreds of dollars a… Read More »

Sober home owner Kenny Chatman pleads guilty, faces life in prison

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Notorious drug treatment center owner Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman pleaded guilty Wednesday to conspiracies to commit money laundering, health care fraud and sex trafficking, charges that could land him in prison for life. Handcuffed and shackled, Chatman listened as a federal prosecutor told how he turned patients into prostitutes: He gave them drugs to induce them…. Read More »

Medical Error – The Third Leading Cause Of Death In The US

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Although medical error is the third leading cause of death in the US, it is not mentioned on death certificates. To find out more about this topic, a West Palm Beach medical malpractice attorney can help.

Therapist: 90% of addicts in Chatman sober homes openly used drugs

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

As many as 90 percent of the addicts who were supposed to be getting treatment while living in sober homes connected to the notorious drug-treatment businesses operated by Kenneth Chatman were openly using drugs, enabling Chatman to continue billing their insurance for millions of dollars in unnecessary drug tests, according to the former clinical… Read More »

POINT OF VIEW: Who’s child has to die before somebody does something?

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

That was the question my former aide, Johnnie Easton, asked me shortly after I was elected. It was one of what would become many sleepless nights she had to call me to tell me she would be late because she was out searching the streets for her daughter, Tasha. In mid-November of 2016, she… Read More »

BREAKING: Sober home task force conducting raid in West Palm Beach

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

The Palm Beach County Sober Home Task force conducted a raid on Wednesday, March 1, 2017  at Palm Beach Recovery & Wellness, a drug treatment center at 6600 S. Dixie Highway in West Palm Beach. It is their 20th arrest, charging Steve Johnson with 48 counts of patient brokering, alleging he paid referral fees to… Read More »

Three more sober home operators arrested in Delray Beach

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Two brothers and a tattoo artist surrendered at the Palm Beach County jail on Sunday after learning they were being charged with dozens of counts of patient brokering for allegedly accepting kickbacks from Chapters Recovery, a drug treatment center in Delray Beach. Read more…

Say No to Restorative Justice for Sex Offenders

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Recently, much of that conversation has revolved around “restorative justice,” programs that aim to respond to misconduct or crime by redressing the harm inflicted on victims and the community, rather than simply punishing offenders. Some say restorative justice is not only horribly insufficient for handling sexual abuse but, in many cases, actually serves to leave… Read More »

If Uber wants to take away its customers rights, It should tell them

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

It’s bad enough that a ton of corporations require their customers and employees to submit all their legal claims to private arbitration, a secretive system that is rigged against the individual. But to compound the unfairness, a growing number of corporations are hiding their forced arbitration clauses to make them more and more obscure…. Read More »

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