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Governor Scott Signs “Sober Home” Bill (HB 21) Into Law

Governor Scott signs Sober Home Bill HB 21

On Wednesday, June 10, 2015, the “Florida Sober Home Bill” (HB 21) crossed the last hurdle by achieving Governor Scott’s signature on its way to become state law, effective July 1, 2015. For FARR, this voyage began in 2012 and charted us through some very challenging waters. We encountered hostile elements and, at various moments, feared our little ship would capsize. Fortunately; the mast held and along our journey we’ve been graced with tremendous support from many sources. Without all of you; there would be nothing to celebrate. Congratulations to all! There are far too many contributors to name all here. You know who you aware. You are agency leaders, substance use treatment facilities, charitable foundations, lobbyists, legislators, legislative aides, committee chairs, clinicians, recovery coaches, community leaders, private citizens, certified residences and affiliate supporters whose investment of time, experience, knowledge and financial support empowered FARR to suit up, show up and hoist the sails yet another day. We salute you. This is unquestionably your win!


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