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Man Facing Two Counts for Raping Young Girl

A man in Jupiter who was already on probation is now behind bars without bail in Palm Beach County jail for allegedly raping a seven-year-old girl with such force that she had to be hospitalized from the trauma. Todd Landry, 25, is now charged with two counts of sexual assault by someone 18 years or older against a victim that is under the age of 12.

Details of the Arrest

According to the police report, officers were dispatched to the Jupiter Medical Center after it was reported that the young girl was “pounced on” by the family Labrador Retriever. However, once she was transported to West Palm Beach’s St. Mary’s Medical Center it was determined that she suffered from a lacerated cervix that necessitated stitches and other related injuries from a sexual assault.

The seven-year-old told the police that she was attacked and raped by Mr. Landry, whose relationship to the girl is currently unknown. She told officers that she was first raped by him when she was three or four years old and then was raped again that day. She said that she was in pre-kindergarten when the first rape occurred and was told to “not tell anyone.”

After he was arrested, Mr. Landry told police that the seven year old initiated the sexual encounter. He claimed that he was sleeping when she came over and touched him inappropriately. Landry said that he fell asleep but then was awoken again to her on top of him. Mr. Landry claimed that he told her no and pulled her off, but she climbed on top of him again and wanted it.

Prior police records show that Mr. Landry was recently released from prison on January 27 after he was convicted and sentenced in October 2013 for two counts of grand theft and one count each of burglary, dealing in stolen property, and providing false information to a pawnbroker. He was placed on two years of probation the day after the sexual assault for the prior charges before being promptly re-arrested for the rapes.

Florida Sexual Assault Civil Lawsuits

Due to the traumatizing nature of sexual assaults on minor victims, Florida law has no statute of limitations on when a civil lawsuit can be brought against a child’s attacker. This gives the child time to physically and emotionally begin to recover before being forced to recount the experience in a civil lawsuit. It also means that a minor victim can wait years before filing a lawsuit against the assailant without fear of the case being barred in court.

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