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West Palm Beach Sexual Assault Lawyer

Sexual assault cases are serious matters that deserve professional attention. Although it is well known that many acts of sexual assault constitute grounds for criminal charges, many people are not aware that sexual assault matters can also form the basis of a civil lawsuit.

Florida Law

The purpose of bringing a civil lawsuit in connection with a sexual assault is to compensate the victim for any damages he or she suffered at the hands of their attacker. In addition to other possible claims, a victim may file suit against their attacker for pain and suffering, mental anguish, and/or a decrease in enjoyment of life, all of which was caused by their assailant and the result of the sexual assault the victim endured.

Many victims may hesitate to enter into another legal proceeding against their attacker for fear they will have to share their story or they will sacrifice their privacy as a result of bringing suit. However, it is important for victims to know that Florida law can operate to alleviate those fears. A victim should consult with a West Palm Beach sexual assault lawyer about protecting their identity in filing suit, as well as to learn more about evidentiary rules that prohibit discussion of much of a victim’s private life and personal affairs.

Under current Florida law, there is no statute of limitations on when sexual assault lawsuits can be filed. Thanks to this, a victim who was abused years ago as a minor may now bring suit against their attacker without being time barred from asserting their claim.

Sexual Assault Cases

Sexual assault can take many forms and is not restricted to a particular economic class or social group. Victims of sexual assault can be any gender, age, or ethnicity. Regardless of the facts of the particular case, all sexual assault cases require careful attention and expert legal representation. If you have been the victim of a sexual assault in the state of Florida, you may have important legal rights available to you. Consulting with an attorney who is experienced in bringing sexual assault lawsuits is important in protecting your rights.

At Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A., we work diligently to give victims of sexual assault a voice against their assailant in court, and to get them the justice they deserve. We have successful experience representing clients in a number of sexual assault civil lawsuits, including:

  • Child victims of sexual abuse;
  • Adult victims of sexual abuse;
  • Abuse of women in treatment facilities; and
  • Sexual abuse of victims by their therapists.

Contact an Experienced West Palm Beach Sexual Assault Lawyer

No matter what the circumstances are surrounding your sexual assault case, the experienced West Palm Beach sexual assault lawyers at Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. can discuss your case with you and advise you of your rights as a victim. We pride ourselves on working hard for our clients and being there for them when they need us most. We realize that sexual assault cases are sensitive and emotional matters, and we treat our clients with the care and respect they deserve.

Feel free to contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our attorneys to discuss the circumstances of your specific matter. We can provide you with a free, confidential initial consultation, as well as accommodate your schedule by offering evening and weekend appointments upon request. Additionally, we can offer our services to clients who speak Spanish. Our office is located in West Palm Beach, Florida.

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