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Substance Abuse Service Provider Selling West Palm Beach Site

Four months after closing the doors of its West Palm Beach location, the oldest provider of substance abuse services in Palm Beach County has sold its campus. The Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Program (CARP) sold the 7.2 acre campus on West Palm Beach’s north side for $11.5 million. It will be replaced by a new substance abuse treatment facility run by Alternatives in Treatment on 45th Street.

CARP was forced to sell its 170 bed treatment facility after it lost over $3 million in state funding in February for failing to provide information to a state oversight agency. It also lost one of its licenses to treat in January. It is the second substance abuse treatment facility in the West Palm Beach area to do so in the last few months. The Hanley treatment center sold its operations and land last December to Origins Behavioral Healthcare, a Texas-based mental health and substance abuse treatment facility.

Alternatives in Treatment also runs other substance abuse treatment centers throughout Florida, including the Delray Recovery Center in Delray Beach. As part of the agreement to take over the services of the closed CARP facility, Alternatives in Treatment has made the pledge to provide between 30 to 50 scholarships in its new facility for addicts and alcoholics that cannot afford the price of services.

In the meantime, CARP is hoping to use the proceeds from the sale of the north side campus to open a new substance abuse treatment facility in the West Palm Beach area. The organization’s treasurer stated that “It was sad to see CARP go but it will be back.” A new location for the next treatment facility is in progress but has not been found. “We’re going to go slow and do it correctly.”

Florida Substance Abuse Treatment

Substance abuse affects millions of people across the United States and their loved ones. In Florida, the law provides a way for the family members of a person suffering from substance abuse to petition the court for treatment. This can include court ordered assessments, evaluations, and treatment for their substance abuse problems.

Court ordered substance abuse treatment is accomplished through Florida’s Marchman Act. The purpose of the act is to “provide for a comprehensive continuum of accessible and quality substance abuse prevention, intervention, clinical treatment, and recovery support services in the least restrictive environment which promotes long-term recovery while protecting and respecting the rights of individuals.”

For the purposes of involuntary treatment under the act, “a petition for involuntary assessment and stabilization may be filed by the respondent’s spouse or guardian, any relative, a private practitioner, the director of a licensed service provider or the director’s designee, or any three adults who have personal knowledge of the respondent’s substance abuse impairment.”

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