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The Liability of Nursing Home Abuse

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

As reported in the 2010 Census, 13% of the United States population is over the age of 65. Over the next 40 years, that rate will likely rise to more than 20% of the population. With so much of the population at an advanced age, the need for elderly caregiving and medical assistance is… Read More »

Police Officer Accused of Multiple Sexual Assaults

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Residents in Palm Beach Shores are concerned and frustrated about the ongoing investigation into sexual assault accusations against one of the town’s police officers, Charles Hoeffer. Officer Hoeffer has been the target of five different internal affairs investigations and is the suspect in an open criminal investigation by the Riviera Beach Police Department. Three… Read More »

Victims Praise Senator for Federal Probe of School

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Senator Bill Nelson is asking the Department of Justice to investigate the Dozier School for Boys in Marianna, Florida as to the allegations of decades of abuse and death brought upon the students who resided there. The senator requested that the Department of Justice conduct and investigate into the deaths and burials of dozens… Read More »

Florida Fire Department Abandons Use of Backboards

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

The Palm Beach fire department has made a change to its operating procedure that will make any ride to the hospital much less painful. The Palm Beach County Fire Rescue used to make it standard operating procedure for crews to strap anyone that they suspected to have a neck or back injury onto a… Read More »

Report Released on Anesthesia-Related Medical Malpractice Claims

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

A study was released by the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management that focused on closed anesthesia medical malpractice claims experienced by one of the country’s largest physician owned, medical malpractice insurance companies. It looked at a variety of factors, including the types of medical malpractice claims made, the types of medical facilities where the… Read More »

Youth Care Worker Sexually Assaults Teen on Way to Shelter

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

A youth care worker sexually assaulted a 16-year-old girl when he was supposed to be taking her to a children’s shelter. Marvin Gallion, 46, was arrested and charged with sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor. He is currently being held on $40,000 bond at the Palm Beach County Jail. According… Read More »

Florida Scientists Searching for Treatment for Brain Injuries

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Two scientists from the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine are part of a team of four that were awarded $2 million to further develop a compound that could help a victim’s cognitive brain function after a traumatic brain injury. This five-year grant was awarded to W. Dalton Dietrich, the scientific director of… Read More »

Insurance Companies Denying Treatment for the Mentally Ill

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Because of recurring tragedies and an increasing number of suicides among the mentally ill, more attention is being paid to the battle that families go through with insurance companies to get their loved one the care that they need. While most routine costs are covered by insurance companies, research has found that the insurance… Read More »

Restoration of Civil Rights for Felons

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

There are nearly 101,000 inmates in state prison in the state of Florida, and within the next twelve months, over one-third of that population will return to society. In addition, another 145,000 felons are currently out of prison on “community supervision” or probation. However, the limitations that come with a felony criminal record often… Read More »

Florida Medical Malpractice Caps May Be Deemed Unconstitutional

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Less than four months after the Florida Supreme Court declared that the state’s wrongful death non-economic damages cap was unconstitutional, the same ruling may also be announced for the state’s cap on personal injury medical malpractice non-economic damages. If the court rules in favor of eliminating this cap, then victims of medical malpractice will… Read More »

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