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Advocate Walks to Raise Awareness about Sexual Abuse

Lauren Book, a child safety advocate, was joined by dozens of people in her sixth annual “Walk in My Shoes” campaign between Boca Raton and West Palm Beach last week. The purpose of the walk is to raise awareness about child sexual abuse. West Palm Beach is the latest stop in a 1,500 mile walk that started in Key West, crosses all over the state, and will end on April 22 in front of the capitol in Tallahassee.

Ms. Book started the Walk in My Shoes event as a way to raise awareness about this serious type of abuse and to encourage other victims of childhood sexual abuse to speak about out their experiences. Ms. Book suffered from sexual abuse as a child for six years by her nanny who was eventually convicted to 25 years in prison for the abuse.

In regards to her awareness campaign, Ms. Book stated that “We know that 95 percent of sexual abuse is preventable with awareness and education, so that’s what Walk in My Shoes is about . . . To show the journey that a survivor goes through to becoming a thriving survivor. Letting survivors know that it’s OK to tell … It’s an incredible opportunity for me to get to help shine light on these stories.”

Between 20 to 35 people participated in the Walk in My Shoes journey from Boca Raton to West Palm Beach. It will continue on from West Palm Beach to Palm Beach Gardens and into Martin County later in the week. Part of the Walk in My Shoes campaign also involves Ms. Book lobbying for legislative change. In particular, she wants two bills passed that would allow for the secret recordings of child predators to be used in court and require mandatory supervision of violent offenders after their release from prison.

Florida Sexual Abuse Civil Remedies

Florida takes sexual assault and abuse very seriously, and besides the criminal remedies for this type of crime there are also civil remedies available for the victims. The victim of sexual abuse is allowed to bring a civil lawsuit for compensation against their attacker in an effort to begin to make right the abuse that was suffered.

Under the law, Florida has no statute of limitations on when a child victim of sexual abuse can bring a claim against an abuser. In addition, the laws of the state allow for the victim in these crimes to hide their identity in court and prohibit certain personal information from being revealed in the public setting of court in order to make it easier for victims to get proper compensation from their attacker.

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If you or someone that you know has been the victim of sexual abuse as an adult or as a child, let the experienced civil sexual assault attorneys at Gary Roberts & Associates help. Call the office or contact us today for a free and confidential consultation of your case.

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