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Concierge Medical Services Company Found Liable for Malpractice

The concierge medical services company, MDVIP, contracts with doctors and medical professionals across the country to provide concierge medical services to patients. The company was recently ordered by a court in Florida to pay more than $8.5 million to the family of a deceased woman who used their services for medical care. Jurors found the company guilty of fraud and negligence in relation to a misdiagnosis by one of its affiliated doctors.

Facts of the Case

In the case of Robert Beber, et al. v. MDVIP Inc., et al., Mr. Beber claimed that he and his wife, Joan Beber, paid $1,500 annually for membership in the MDVIP concierge medical services plan. It provides 24-hour access to affiliated physicians organized in small practices that do not exceed 600 patients. In February 2008, Joan Beber sought treatment for a sudden pain in her leg with one of MDVIP’s affiliated doctors, Dr. Charles Metzger.

Dr. Metzger prescribed pain medication and referred her to a back specialist, who she saw two days later and suggested an MRI. She was given two separate epidural injections but the pain was still present. She saw Dr. Metzger again and complained that the pain had traveled down her leg to her foot. She was diagnosed with a pinched sciatic nerve and prescribed medications. Almost one month later on March 7, Mrs. Beber saw a neurosurgeon who diagnosed her condition as vascular in nature.

Mrs. Beber was sent to the hospital, where a vascular surgeon removed the clot in an attempt to save the leg. A week later, it was determined that her leg could not be saved, and Mrs. Beber underwent an amputation. She filed a lawsuit against Dr. Metzger and MDVIP for failure to make a proper diagnosis in time to save her leg. Her husband was substituted as a plaintiff after her death in 2012.

Ruling of the Jury

Dr. Metzger settled with Mr. Beber before the trial began, and the jury found MDVIP guilty in part because the company advertised its concierge medical services as being a higher quality than regular doctors. It also claimed that its services provided better outcomes for its patients. In addition, the jury found that “MDVIP recruited its affiliated doctors based on marketing demands, while not prioritizing medical credentials.”

The company denied any wrongdoing in the case of Mrs. Beber and claimed that it had no control over how the doctors it hires practice their medicine. The jury disagreed with the argument, making it clear to other concierge companies that they must be more restrained in their marketing efforts and focus more on vetting their affiliates.

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