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Chatman drug treatment associates owe millions

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

  Conspirators in Kenny Chatman’s sprawling drug treatment criminal enterprise are on the hook for millions of dollars, with one man expected to pay his share of $5.6 million in restitution. Chatman’s operations had a horrifying human cost. People blame his operations for loved ones’ deadly relapses, and prosecutors told how Chatman screwed closed a… Read More »

Florida’s Billion-Dollar Drug Treatment Industry Is Plagued by Overdoses, Fraud

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

PALM BEACH COUNTY, Florida — For the first responders who found her lifeless body one October morning, 24-year-old Alison Flory was yet another casualty of addiction here on the front line of Florida’s opioid crisis. To her family, she was a daughter, a beloved sister, a goofy bookworm who made them laugh and a… Read More »

Notorious treatment center operator Chatman gets 27 years in prison

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

WEST PALM BEACH — Kenneth “Kenny” Chatman was a relatively small drug-treatment provider despite the millions he raked in every year, Assistant U.S. Attorney Marie Villafaña said Wednesday. But he was “the most dangerous,” she told U.S. District Court Judge Donald Middlebrooks, and FBI agents “never worked harder” than the last few months of 2016,… Read More »

Woman on Chatman: ‘Men came in and paid him money to rape me.’

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Kenny Chatman kept a 19-year-old woman tied down in a house, where more than 100 men raped her, a woman wrote to U.S. District Judge Donald Middlebrooks on Monday. The corrupt drug treatment center operator, who faces up to life in prison when sentenced today, held her for weeks, until she jumped out of… Read More »

Two years after FBI raids, no indictments against sober home operators

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Two years ago this morning, FBI agents descended on Good Decisions Sober Living, a rundown sober housing complex in West Palm Beach in search of evidence of insurance fraud, patient brokering and money laundering. In large portions of the county’s $1 billion recovery industry, hopes ran high that the exploitation of addicts for insurance… Read More »

Relapsed and forced out, sober home residents die in motels

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Addicts who relapse while living in sober homes in Delray Beach, often are dumped into seedy motels, often still high. Without supervision, some continue the binge, overdose and die. That’s because Delray Beach, nationally known as a treatment destination, forbids sober home operators from immediately evicting addicts who have relapsed, a policy that sober… Read More »

State lets doctors accused of sexual abuse on patients keep practicing

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

Dawn Marie Basham answers the phone in tears. “You caught me at a rough moment,” Basham explains between sobs. Less than a week earlier, prosecutors had dropped charges against the Delray Beach doctor she said sexually assaulted her during an office visit. Basham feels alone, but she is far from it. Other women say they… Read More »

For 3 moms, addiction treatment kingpin’s sentencing is bittersweet

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

“Kenny was feeding them drugs and holding their meds from them,” said Michelle Curran, whose daughter, Mikaya Feucht, overdosed and died in a Boynton Beach motel while attending Chatman’s Reflections Treatment Center in Broward County last year. “So in a sense, yeah, Kenny didn’t put the needle in their arm, but he in a way… Read More »

After losing her daughter to fake drug ‘treatment,’ she now seeks to save others

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

MAY 10, 2017 FORT LAUDERDALE, FLA.—Five days after losing her daughter to a drug overdose in a South Florida sober home, Jennifer Flory found herself standing before a task force set up to investigate sober homes. “My daughter passed away on Thursday night and I’m coming here to get her stuff – and her – and… Read More »

‘Finally,’ Scott declares opioid epidemic a public health emergency

By Gary Roberts & Associates, P.A. |

  Responding to months of public outcry, Gov. Rick Scott declared a public health emergency Wednesday in the fight against the opioid epidemic, a sea change in what had been a hands-off approach by state officials to a crisis that has killed thousands. “Today I feel relief — relief that the voices of so… Read More »

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